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The many vehicle collisions each year that are resulting in fatalities and traumas of young children required the use of one more vehicle protection gadget: infant car seat.

The most common predicament of most parents is choosing the best baby car seat from amongst the so many variations (each with its very own protection function) that is being offered in the marketplace. The answer to this is whatever suits the baby comfortable, suits your automobile snugly and is within the budget is the most effective infant car seat that anyone could locate.


All infant car seats, and for that issue every little thing that relates to automobile safety, has to pass. The very same federal collision screening and safety measures. Child safety seat that are accepted by the federal government has the guarantee of safety, the standards is established has to be gone by all producers. It goes without saying, even the most affordable baby car seat offered in the market has experienced the exact same accident examinations and will certainly always secure the young against collisions provided these are properly installed.

Added components are high quality but these add up to the cost of the infant car seat. Higher costs do not always indicate the best, as there are no “finest” auto baby seats. Some added components will only be purposeful if it can be made use of however the car seat must fit the child first.

When you have actually chosen an infant car seat that you like, the upcoming product on your list is to read through the manufacturer user’s manual. The most pricey and several showcased infant car seat will certainly not be of any kind of use if the manufacturers handbook knows thoroughly as those might have unique needs concerning unique fitting and use.

Anyway, the very same rule will use. Children and babies that examine listed below 20 lbs. need to be seated experiencing the rear of the auto. If the kid is already one years of age and still listed below the necessary weight limits the appropriate auto baby seat need to be the exchangeable type yet the kid still has to be seated encountering the rear. The convertibles can be suited to experience the front, which might be a good preparation when he/she goes over the weight limit.

Infant-only seats are little mobile seats that often belong of a stroller system. It has 3 to five point harnesses and could be utilized for youngsters up to 22 pounds. The seat often comes with a removable base for comfort as it suggests that you do not have to install the seat whenever it is used.

Bigger baby car seats are used for older and bigger children and are onward dealing with. Like the infant only automobile baby seat, this additionally comes with a five-point harness. Added feature is a cushioned T-Shield that is connected to the shoulder straps and a cushioned tray like overhead shields that that turn down around the kid.

Child safety seat, whatever the kind is have something alike: they are all designed to secure the infant from any adverse accidents that might happen during the travel. And like protection belt that are attached on the seat of the automobiles to harness adult guests, baby car seats give security to the little ones aboard.

With so many child car seat designs being offered, numerous new moms and dads really feel overwhelmed and burnt out regarding which is the most effective option. It’s such an important decision! The last point you ‘d want is to have your youngster in an infant car seat that does not give the max amount of defense for your youngster in the event that you have an auto crash.

One of the wonderful things about the Cyber is that you can research practically anything in the convenience of your very own home. Sure, there’s a lot of insignificant, ineffective things out there, but there’s additionally a bunch of sensible information we could utilize in our day-to-day lives. When it involves investigating something like a child car seat, customer security companies commonly have fancy websites that are the ideal areas to obtain just what you require.

Consumer Information is a well-known organization alloted to offering consumers specified details about items of all kinds– featuring your upcoming child car seat. In Might, 2005, the good individuals at Consumer Information carried out a detailed examination of numerous brand names of car seats. They wished to discover the best (and worst) infant car seat being sold, based upon accident defense, ease of use, and correct motor vehicle fit. Here are the results for both baby car seats and convertible car seats.

Ideal & Most severe Baby Baby Car Seat

An infant child car seat is made for children approximately regarding 20 pounds. (childbirth to 9 months). In this classification, the best infant car seat was the Britax Buddy. It rated ‘Great to Excellent’ on collision security, ‘Great’ on convenience of usage, and ‘Exceptional’ on motor vehicle fit. The only downside with this design of infant car seat was rate. At $170, it was amongst the greatest valued seats on the marketplace.

The infant car seat that racked up most affordable (of those examined) was the Evenflo PortAbout 5 (Premier Convenience Touch). It rated only ‘Fair to Great’ on collision defense, ‘Great’ on ease of use, and ‘Superb’ on car fit. While it scored amongst the highest in the latter 2 categories, the key concern with any sort of infant car seat is protection, and this one just does not prove acceptable.

Ideal & Most severe Exchangeable Child Car Seat

An exchangeable baby car seat is made for kids approximately regarding 35 lbs. in rear-facing models and approximately 40 pounds. for front-facing seats. Amongst these youngster seats, the Evenflo Titan 5 racked up an impressive ‘Outstanding’ score in both accident protection and motor vehicle fit. It rated ‘Excellent’ on convenience of usage. On the whole, this is a superb infant car seat!

The worst rating in this classification was offered to the Britax Marathon infant car seat. The only actual trouble with this model is the latch, which had some issues and steered the rankings down for collision security and motor vehicle fit. It’s still ranked ‘Outstanding’ in several categories, so even this infant car seat isn’t really a bad purchase. You simply want to be sure that the latch works appropriately in your certain motor vehicle.

Source: Wikipedia

Choosing a Car Seat: What to Look for When Buying a Car Seat

Car seats are designed to keep your child safe in the event of an accident. According to the CDC, as many as 500 lives are saved per year as a result of car seat use, and experts believe that these car seats reduce the risk for injury or death by as much as 71%. Car seats for your infant or toddler are a valuable way to keep your child safe.

Yet simply using a car seat is not enough. You need to make sure you’re choosing the right car seat for your child. Below are five tips for selecting the right car seat for your baby.

5 Car Seat Tips

  • Look at Safety Ratings

Parents often trust their eyes when it comes to the safety of car seats. But your eyes can be misleading, as many of the “safest looking” car seats have received poor safety ratings according to nationally sponsored tests. How a child’s car seat will hold up in an accident may be different than how it responds to general wear and tear, with the former being far more important for the safety of your child.

  • Pay Attention to Expert Recommendations

Car seats are not “one size fits all” safety methods. Children are advised to be in rear facing car seats until they are at least 2 years old, followed by a five-point harness seat, and finally a booster seat until they are either 12 years old or 4’10, whichever comes first. You’ll need to change the type and style of car seat you use based on the age and size of your child.

  • Ease of Use is Important

In addition to safety ratings, it’s also important that you know how to put on your child’s car seat correctly. Some estimates put the number of families using car seats incorrectly as high as 70%, putting their child at greater risk for injury. Make sure that you choose a brand and style that you understand how to use properly.

  • Restraint Type

Although car seats come with many different types of restraints, experts strongly believe that the five point restraint system is safer and more secure than a three point system, so it’s advised that you go that route, especially when your child is an infant or toddler.

  • Consider Safe Features

Features are a nice aspect of car seats, but always make sure that the features you’re choosing on your car seats do not interfere with the safety of your child. External harness adjustments and push-on latches are all extra features that are safer and more convenient for your child, but avoid any feature rich car seats that have not undergone significant safety testing. Just because something is a safety feature does not mean it is necessarily safe.

Choosing the Right Car Seat

Car seats are an important part of keeping your child safe in the event of an accident. Yet that safety also depends on choosing the right car seat for your child. Follow expert recommendations, check safety ratings, learn how to use the devices, and always replace the car seats when your child has outgrown them to ensure that they will be well protected in the event of an accident.

Source: Alaska Injury Prevention Center

The Best Car Seat Reviews has taken a look at several top rated convertible car seats – the Britax Marathon 70, the Britax Boulevard 70, the Britax Roundabout 55, the Safety 1st Alpha Omega 3-in-1, and the Evenflo Tribute 5, Kristy.  To see a selection of infant car seats visit here.

DIY Toddler Bed Rails

The best way to prevent toddler night time falls is owning a toddler bed rail. There are many different things that can bump in the night like imagination after watching a horror movie, aliens, ghosts, etc. There is one bump during the night that gets you out of the bed quicker than any other bump. This is the bump your toddler makes when she/he falls out of the bed. Not only will your kid’s screams wake you up from your lovely dreams but also a fall can result in serious injuries. Fortunately, all this can be prevented by having a DIY travel toddler bed rail.e7wplng

Having a bed rail on your kid’s bed will provide him with a safety barrier and this allows both of you and your kid to sleep peacefully at night.

Here are different types of DIY toddler bed rails

Swing down toddler rail

Once installed they are by far the easiest to use compared to other bed rails. During the night, the toddler rail is fastened into an upright position. This forms a protective barrier for your toddler. During the day the toddler rail is folded down to allow your kid to climb in and out of bed easily. A swing down rail will greatly benefit both you and your kid. Toddler’s bed with an immovable rail can be difficult to tuck the sheets in around the bed. This swing down toddler rail just needs you to swing it down and you can do your tucking easily.

Fixed toddler bed rail

It is similar to the swing down toddler rail. The main difference is that a fixed toddler bed rail cannot be folded down. A fixed bed rail has gaps at the end of the bed that allows your toddler to get in and out of bed easily. This gap is big enough to allow your kid climb through it but not so big that can lead to the kid falling while sleeping.

Bumper toddler bed rail

This bed rail rests underneath the sheets on your toddler’s bed. It looks like a speed bump. It not only slows your kid down but also it stops him/her from rolling completely. Bumper bed rails are very easy to install and can take seconds to set up. This is because the fitted sheet holds them in place. This is a huge advantage over other bed rails.

Another advantage of bumper bed rail is that it is very portable. In case your kid is traveling, you can simply pack this bumper bed rail with your kid’s overnight gear.

Most of the bumper bed rails are made from foam but some are inflatable and can fold down into a compact square. This is perfect for vacations.

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Tips For Using Car Seat

Car seats are very useful for parents and they bring safety and comfort for children, too. There are many tips for car seat safety that were shared. For me, these are some tips that parents should know to use car seat correctly and get the greatest satisfaction.30387834715_61aceb8988_b

1. For baby car seats

  • Use the seat in a rearward – facing position, this will make your baby safer.
  • Only change into a larger toddler seat when the top of your baby’s head comes over the top of the back of ther seat.
  • Don’t let your baby in the car seat for more than 2 hours because babies need to move around freely and change position sometime.
  • The harness system must be pulled tight.
  • If you install the car seat with the car seat belt, make sure the lap belt is positioned correctly on the guides and runs over your baby’s legs.

2. For toddler car seats

  • If your car is  ISOFIX anchorage, use an ISOFIX seat for easier installation.
  • You should put the car seat in the back of the car, preferably behind the passenger seat.
  • Switch to a larger child car seat when your child’s shoulders are 2cm above the highest opening for the shoulder straps in the toddler car seat.

3. Some safety tips

  • Keep the car seat traps snug.
  • Keep kids rear – facing for as long as possible, at least until the kids are 20 to 22 pounds. kids under that weight are at a greater risk for leg injuries when they are forward – facing because in an accident, their feet make contact with the seat in front of them, which is simutaneously moving backward. But it doesn’t happen when the child is rear – facing.
  • Children over 40 pounds should use a booster seat: this helps the parents lap and shoulder belt fit better.
  • After installing your child’s car seat, let a trained technician check it so that you can ensure the correct installation because a technician has more knowledge about this than you.
  • You Should install the car seat for kids in the center seat in the back because this is the safest spot in the car.
  • If your car had an accident before, you should change the car seat you used to use on that car. You can not know if the seat was broken somewhere inside or not.
  • Always use the upper diagonal and lower hip belt, pull the belt tight after locking the buckle.
  • Parents should use a comfortable booster seat with a back and a headrest and not a booster – cushion.

4. About using the car seat belt

  • Make sure the seat belt is positioned correctly at your child’s shoulder and hips.
  • Do not let the upper diagonal belt run behind the child’s back or only use the lap belt.
  • You should put the car’s lap belt on your child’s upper legs or hips, and not his stomach.

5. Some tips for using a rear – facing seat which I think very useful:

  • Place the harnesses in slots that are at or below your baby’s shoulders
  • Never place a rear – facing seat in the front seat of a car that has an active front passenger air bag. If the air bag inflates, it will hit the back of the car seat, meaning your baby’s head.
  • If you are using a convertible or 3-in-1 seat in the rear-facing position, make sure the seat belt or lower anchor webbing is routed through the correct belt path. Check the instructions that come  with the car seat to be sure
  • Make sure the seat is at the correct angle so your infant’s head does not flop forward. Check the instructions to find out the correct angle for your seat and how to adjust the angle if needed. All rear-facing seats have built-in angle indicators or adjusters.
  • You should dress your baby in thinner layers of clothing before strapping him or her into a car seat. If the child wears too many clothes  it can make the straps too loose to restrain your child, leading to increased risk of injury. So for the best, dress your baby in thin layers then tuck a coat or blanket around your child.

Above are some of the tips that I think very useful for parents to remember and use when having a car seat.  There are much more useful tips for car seat out there that you can go and see. These tips not only make your child safer but also make you feel more convenient and comfortable when using a seat belt so keep them in mind!

How To Choose A Car Seat

A car seat is a seat that is designed specially for children to protect them from injury or death when having a collision with your car. Nowadays, there are many car seats for us to choose. But to find a car seat which is suitable for your child is not very easy. So in my opinion, here are  three ways to choose the best car seat for your children.30271155192_1c2a4e435f_b

1. Choose the branded chair

Worldwide, there are some famous manufacturers such as Mamakids with Europe quality standard, Cam brand from Italy, Capella from Korean, Graco from America, Hauck from Germany… These prestigious manufacturers often have 5 to 10 different samples made by durable plastic and pay  great attention to the children’ safety.

Becareful when using an old car seat, even  it was from a famous manufacturers. Never use a chair that past 6 years or used to have accident with (even it still looks fine, the seat’s structure might be broken somewhere). Avoid using  the seat lacking some parts or date of manufacture label and model number (without model number, you can not know when the product will be summoned). You should examine the expiry date set by the manufacturer. If you don’t know well about the seat’s history or it has cracks or appears about to break, don’t use it.

2. Choose the chair that is suitable for the child’s age, size and weight.

According to European standards, car seats for children are divided into 5 groups:

  • 0 (children under 1 year old, weigh less than 10kg): should use the car seat like a crib attached to the back seat of the car
  • 0+ (children under 1.5 years old, weigh less than 13kg): this is actually a chair rather than a crib. It is attached to the car so that the child sitting against the direction of the car’s movement, minimize the risk of injury if an accident occurred.
  • 1 (children from 1 to 4 years old, weigh 8-18kg): Use the chair that its backrest can be adjusted to make the child comfortable.
  • 2 (children from 3 to 7 years old, weigh 15-25kg): seats should be suitable for the child’s height, have mode using seat belt.
  • 3 (children from 6 to 10 years old, weigh 22-36kg): only need to take care of the seat belt and child’s comfort.

3.  install the car seat exactly into the vehicle seat.

You should pay attention to your car’s model and the size of the seat so that you can install the car seat correctly without having any problems.

When  it is assembled correctly, you can not move the car seat more than 2cm. You should tight the seat belt just enougt to tight knees and below the shoulder.

Here is some advice for parents:

  • During driving, the handle of the car seat should be pushed down and fastened. To prevent the child from being pinched because of the safety rope, you should use a thin pillow or towels to insert around the child.
  • You should let your child get used to car seat when he or she was small. When the child get used to sit in adults’ laps, playing, training to sit in a car seat will be very difficult. So make your children have a habit: going by car means sitting in a car seat. Moreover, if the child is sleepy when sitting in a car seat, parents have nothing to worry about.
  • Maybe parents should by a car seat that is multifunctional. When in the car, it is a car seat, when outside, it can be changed into a stroller.
  • For children under 1 year of age, when the seat is placed toward the rear,. You need to recline the seat to prevent the child’s head from being folded down the front because at this age, the child’s collar bone is not solid.
  • You should Read the manual carefully before installation. There are almost 80% car seats wrongly installed and this is really dangerous. If you are not confident, you’d better ask the sellers to guide you in detail.
  • You may need to Practice installing the car seat so that you can get used to the installation and prepare fast for anytime using the seat.
  • You must Tighten the seat to your car as much as possible to ensure the safety belt is not too loose or too tight.
  • The best place to install car seat is the place behind the driver.
  • You should Never install the car seat where there is a airbag, . It can cause serious injuries, even death for your baby.

Safety belt’s lock should lie on the child’s pelvis, not on the abdomen. Check to see whether your child comfortable or not by put more than 2 fingers between the seat belt and your child’s chest. If they aren’t fit, it means your child is comfortable.

Things Should Not Do When Using Car Seat

Car seat is a well-known feature on cars for parents to use, in order to protect their children from injury or death in case of car accidents or just to keep the child in a good position. A truth that many people may not know: every day 4 on every 5 children dead because of car crashes.

Though car crashes are most popular cause of death for kids in any countries, most of us are still unaware of the original solution: by properly installing a car seat. But not every parent know the right way to use a car seat, recklestly put something dangerous on it while not knowing, causing the child’s injury or death.


Now I will make a list of what you should pay attention to when using a car seat.Do not place the car seat on a soft or cushioned surface

  • Soft or cushioned surface can not guarantee your car seat to stand firmly, so it could fall over. And we all know what will happen if you put your baby in there: he or she can be injuried. Not only that, the car seat fall may cause itself some damage, which can be seen or not be seen, so it is dangerous to use the car seat that was broken without knowing it. So, keep in mind that only put your car seat on a hard, steady surface.
  • Do not place it on high surfaces
  • Make sure the carrying handle is firmly locked in position before picking it up

An unlocked carrying handle could cause the carrier to slip and hurt your baby, so to prevent anything bad that could happen, you should make the carrying handle lock into position.

  • Keep the carrier and the baby away from strings.

Strings could cause strangulation. Ahese are some things you must aware of: do not suspend strings over the carrier. Do not place the carrier and the baby inside it near a window with hanging strings or anywhere near hanging string cords.

  • Pay attention to every movement of your child

Never leave your child alone in his or her infant car seat carrier. You do not know if anything bad could happen when you take your eyes off your child. For baby, it’d be better to always be careful and mindful.

  • Never leave your child in the car

Maybe you heard it or not heard it, but there was information about babies dying from heat because they were left in a hot car. But, heat is not the only danger. children could cause risks just by themselves. There are too many tragedies of children strangling themselves with the seat belt, setting the vehicle into motion, being involved in car theft while they’re inside.

  • Do not let your child wear puffy winter coats in the car

Do you know that wearing too many layers and bulky outerwear while buckled into a car seat can actually be very dangerous? It can make the harness loosen, cause the child to be ejected from the car seat during an accident. So dress  your child in  thin clothing. If you are afraid your child will get cold, put a thick clothing or a blanket over your child.

  • Do not put the stroller on the escalator

The reason is only because it is dangerous. Some car seat can turn into a stroller, but it is often draped with strings and cords and bags, all of which can get caught in an escalator. So, I think the best way is taking an elevator.

  • Do not use an old or secondhand seat

If you do not know about its brand, type, history,  you should not buy it. The old car seat could miss important parts or, was involved in an accident. The seat can be broken at any second, and you can not find anyone to blame it for. Only use the secondhand car seat if you know it from a truthworthy manufacturer, have the original instructions, a clean history, all parts present. Safety Belt Safe USA recommends sticking with car seats that are ideally less than 5 years old and definitely less than 10 years old.

  • Do not let 2 kids share one seat belt

Please do not do it. Crash tests have shown that when 2 children ride buckled into one seat belt, in an accident their heads can knock together with potentially fatal force.

  • Should not install the car seat in the front seat

Although the kids may be happy to ride in the front seat, the back seat is by far the safest place for him or her, especially the middle of the backseat. Install the car seat here can give your child best protected from side – impact collisions (of couse, if you have more than one child then there only one can ride in the middle!)