Things Should Not Do When Using Car Seat

Car seat is a well-known feature on cars for parents to use, in order to protect their children from injury or death in case of car accidents or just to keep the child in a good position. A truth that many people may not know: every day 4 on every 5 children dead because of car crashes.

Though car crashes are most popular cause of death for kids in any countries, most of us are still unaware of the original solution: by properly installing a car seat. But not every parent know the right way to use a car seat, recklestly put something dangerous on it while not knowing, causing the child’s injury or death.


Now I will make a list of what you should pay attention to when using a car seat.Do not place the car seat on a soft or cushioned surface

  • Soft or cushioned surface can not guarantee your car seat to stand firmly, so it could fall over. And we all know what will happen if you put your baby in there: he or she can be injuried. Not only that, the car seat fall may cause itself some damage, which can be seen or not be seen, so it is dangerous to use the car seat that was broken without knowing it. So, keep in mind that only put your car seat on a hard, steady surface.
  • Do not place it on high surfaces
  • Make sure the carrying handle is firmly locked in position before picking it up

An unlocked carrying handle could cause the carrier to slip and hurt your baby, so to prevent anything bad that could happen, you should make the carrying handle lock into position.

  • Keep the carrier and the baby away from strings.

Strings could cause strangulation. Ahese are some things you must aware of: do not suspend strings over the carrier. Do not place the carrier and the baby inside it near a window with hanging strings or anywhere near hanging string cords.

  • Pay attention to every movement of your child

Never leave your child alone in his or her infant car seat carrier. You do not know if anything bad could happen when you take your eyes off your child. For baby, it’d be better to always be careful and mindful.

  • Never leave your child in the car

Maybe you heard it or not heard it, but there was information about babies dying from heat because they were left in a hot car. But, heat is not the only danger. children could cause risks just by themselves. There are too many tragedies of children strangling themselves with the seat belt, setting the vehicle into motion, being involved in car theft while they’re inside.

  • Do not let your child wear puffy winter coats in the car

Do you know that wearing too many layers and bulky outerwear while buckled into a car seat can actually be very dangerous? It can make the harness loosen, cause the child to be ejected from the car seat during an accident. So dress  your child in  thin clothing. If you are afraid your child will get cold, put a thick clothing or a blanket over your child.

  • Do not put the stroller on the escalator

The reason is only because it is dangerous. Some car seat can turn into a stroller, but it is often draped with strings and cords and bags, all of which can get caught in an escalator. So, I think the best way is taking an elevator.

  • Do not use an old or secondhand seat

If you do not know about its brand, type, history,  you should not buy it. The old car seat could miss important parts or, was involved in an accident. The seat can be broken at any second, and you can not find anyone to blame it for. Only use the secondhand car seat if you know it from a truthworthy manufacturer, have the original instructions, a clean history, all parts present. Safety Belt Safe USA recommends sticking with car seats that are ideally less than 5 years old and definitely less than 10 years old.

  • Do not let 2 kids share one seat belt

Please do not do it. Crash tests have shown that when 2 children ride buckled into one seat belt, in an accident their heads can knock together with potentially fatal force.

  • Should not install the car seat in the front seat

Although the kids may be happy to ride in the front seat, the back seat is by far the safest place for him or her, especially the middle of the backseat. Install the car seat here can give your child best protected from side – impact collisions (of couse, if you have more than one child then there only one can ride in the middle!)

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