How To Choose A Car Seat

A car seat is a seat that is designed specially for children to protect them from injury or death when having a collision with your car. Nowadays, there are many car seats for us to choose. But to find a car seat which is suitable for your child is not very easy. So in my opinion, here are  three ways to choose the best car seat for your children.30271155192_1c2a4e435f_b

1. Choose the branded chair

Worldwide, there are some famous manufacturers such as Mamakids with Europe quality standard, Cam brand from Italy, Capella from Korean, Graco from America, Hauck from Germany… These prestigious manufacturers often have 5 to 10 different samples made by durable plastic and pay  great attention to the children’ safety.

Becareful when using an old car seat, even  it was from a famous manufacturers. Never use a chair that past 6 years or used to have accident with (even it still looks fine, the seat’s structure might be broken somewhere). Avoid using  the seat lacking some parts or date of manufacture label and model number (without model number, you can not know when the product will be summoned). You should examine the expiry date set by the manufacturer. If you don’t know well about the seat’s history or it has cracks or appears about to break, don’t use it.

2. Choose the chair that is suitable for the child’s age, size and weight.

According to European standards, car seats for children are divided into 5 groups:

  • 0 (children under 1 year old, weigh less than 10kg): should use the car seat like a crib attached to the back seat of the car
  • 0+ (children under 1.5 years old, weigh less than 13kg): this is actually a chair rather than a crib. It is attached to the car so that the child sitting against the direction of the car’s movement, minimize the risk of injury if an accident occurred.
  • 1 (children from 1 to 4 years old, weigh 8-18kg): Use the chair that its backrest can be adjusted to make the child comfortable.
  • 2 (children from 3 to 7 years old, weigh 15-25kg): seats should be suitable for the child’s height, have mode using seat belt.
  • 3 (children from 6 to 10 years old, weigh 22-36kg): only need to take care of the seat belt and child’s comfort.

3.  install the car seat exactly into the vehicle seat.

You should pay attention to your car’s model and the size of the seat so that you can install the car seat correctly without having any problems.

When  it is assembled correctly, you can not move the car seat more than 2cm. You should tight the seat belt just enougt to tight knees and below the shoulder.

Here is some advice for parents:

  • During driving, the handle of the car seat should be pushed down and fastened. To prevent the child from being pinched because of the safety rope, you should use a thin pillow or towels to insert around the child.
  • You should let your child get used to car seat when he or she was small. When the child get used to sit in adults’ laps, playing, training to sit in a car seat will be very difficult. So make your children have a habit: going by car means sitting in a car seat. Moreover, if the child is sleepy when sitting in a car seat, parents have nothing to worry about.
  • Maybe parents should by a car seat that is multifunctional. When in the car, it is a car seat, when outside, it can be changed into a stroller.
  • For children under 1 year of age, when the seat is placed toward the rear,. You need to recline the seat to prevent the child’s head from being folded down the front because at this age, the child’s collar bone is not solid.
  • You should Read the manual carefully before installation. There are almost 80% car seats wrongly installed and this is really dangerous. If you are not confident, you’d better ask the sellers to guide you in detail.
  • You may need to Practice installing the car seat so that you can get used to the installation and prepare fast for anytime using the seat.
  • You must Tighten the seat to your car as much as possible to ensure the safety belt is not too loose or too tight.
  • The best place to install car seat is the place behind the driver.
  • You should Never install the car seat where there is a airbag, . It can cause serious injuries, even death for your baby.

Safety belt’s lock should lie on the child’s pelvis, not on the abdomen. Check to see whether your child comfortable or not by put more than 2 fingers between the seat belt and your child’s chest. If they aren’t fit, it means your child is comfortable.

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