Tips For Using Car Seat

Car seats are very useful for parents and they bring safety and comfort for children, too. There are many tips for car seat safety that were shared. For me, these are some tips that parents should know to use car seat correctly and get the greatest satisfaction.30387834715_61aceb8988_b

1. For baby car seats

  • Use the seat in a rearward – facing position, this will make your baby safer.
  • Only change into a larger toddler seat when the top of your baby’s head comes over the top of the back of ther seat.
  • Don’t let your baby in the car seat for more than 2 hours because babies need to move around freely and change position sometime.
  • The harness system must be pulled tight.
  • If you install the car seat with the car seat belt, make sure the lap belt is positioned correctly on the guides and runs over your baby’s legs.

2. For toddler car seats

  • If your car is  ISOFIX anchorage, use an ISOFIX seat for easier installation.
  • You should put the car seat in the back of the car, preferably behind the passenger seat.
  • Switch to a larger child car seat when your child’s shoulders are 2cm above the highest opening for the shoulder straps in the toddler car seat.

3. Some safety tips

  • Keep the car seat traps snug.
  • Keep kids rear – facing for as long as possible, at least until the kids are 20 to 22 pounds. kids under that weight are at a greater risk for leg injuries when they are forward – facing because in an accident, their feet make contact with the seat in front of them, which is simutaneously moving backward. But it doesn’t happen when the child is rear – facing.
  • Children over 40 pounds should use a booster seat: this helps the parents lap and shoulder belt fit better.
  • After installing your child’s car seat, let a trained technician check it so that you can ensure the correct installation because a technician has more knowledge about this than you.
  • You Should install the car seat for kids in the center seat in the back because this is the safest spot in the car.
  • If your car had an accident before, you should change the car seat you used to use on that car. You can not know if the seat was broken somewhere inside or not.
  • Always use the upper diagonal and lower hip belt, pull the belt tight after locking the buckle.
  • Parents should use a comfortable booster seat with a back and a headrest and not a booster – cushion.

4. About using the car seat belt

  • Make sure the seat belt is positioned correctly at your child’s shoulder and hips.
  • Do not let the upper diagonal belt run behind the child’s back or only use the lap belt.
  • You should put the car’s lap belt on your child’s upper legs or hips, and not his stomach.

5. Some tips for using a rear – facing seat which I think very useful:

  • Place the harnesses in slots that are at or below your baby’s shoulders
  • Never place a rear – facing seat in the front seat of a car that has an active front passenger air bag. If the air bag inflates, it will hit the back of the car seat, meaning your baby’s head.
  • If you are using a convertible or 3-in-1 seat in the rear-facing position, make sure the seat belt or lower anchor webbing is routed through the correct belt path. Check the instructions that come  with the car seat to be sure
  • Make sure the seat is at the correct angle so your infant’s head does not flop forward. Check the instructions to find out the correct angle for your seat and how to adjust the angle if needed. All rear-facing seats have built-in angle indicators or adjusters.
  • You should dress your baby in thinner layers of clothing before strapping him or her into a car seat. If the child wears too many clothes  it can make the straps too loose to restrain your child, leading to increased risk of injury. So for the best, dress your baby in thin layers then tuck a coat or blanket around your child.

Above are some of the tips that I think very useful for parents to remember and use when having a car seat.  There are much more useful tips for car seat out there that you can go and see. These tips not only make your child safer but also make you feel more convenient and comfortable when using a seat belt so keep them in mind!

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