DIY Toddler Bed Rails

The best way to prevent toddler night time falls is owning a toddler bed rail. There are many different things that can bump in the night like imagination after watching a horror movie, aliens, ghosts, etc. There is one bump during the night that gets you out of the bed quicker than any other bump. This is the bump your toddler makes when she/he falls out of the bed. Not only will your kid’s screams wake you up from your lovely dreams but also a fall can result in serious injuries. Fortunately, all this can be prevented by having a DIY travel toddler bed rail.e7wplng

Having a bed rail on your kid’s bed will provide him with a safety barrier and this allows both of you and your kid to sleep peacefully at night.

Here are different types of DIY toddler bed rails

Swing down toddler rail

Once installed they are by far the easiest to use compared to other bed rails. During the night, the toddler rail is fastened into an upright position. This forms a protective barrier for your toddler. During the day the toddler rail is folded down to allow your kid to climb in and out of bed easily. A swing down rail will greatly benefit both you and your kid. Toddler’s bed with an immovable rail can be difficult to tuck the sheets in around the bed. This swing down toddler rail just needs you to swing it down and you can do your tucking easily.

Fixed toddler bed rail

It is similar to the swing down toddler rail. The main difference is that a fixed toddler bed rail cannot be folded down. A fixed bed rail has gaps at the end of the bed that allows your toddler to get in and out of bed easily. This gap is big enough to allow your kid climb through it but not so big that can lead to the kid falling while sleeping.

Bumper toddler bed rail

This bed rail rests underneath the sheets on your toddler’s bed. It looks like a speed bump. It not only slows your kid down but also it stops him/her from rolling completely. Bumper bed rails are very easy to install and can take seconds to set up. This is because the fitted sheet holds them in place. This is a huge advantage over other bed rails.

Another advantage of bumper bed rail is that it is very portable. In case your kid is traveling, you can simply pack this bumper bed rail with your kid’s overnight gear.

Most of the bumper bed rails are made from foam but some are inflatable and can fold down into a compact square. This is perfect for vacations.

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